How much of SIRC’s mission is driven by stewardship as opposed to protecting industry?

The initial motivation was pure stewardship. If there is a concern, we want to be the first ones to know about it and do something about it.

How do you balance stewardship and protecting industry?

Obviously, we believe strongly the data doesn’t show a concern of any of the product systems or exposure levels. For that reason, industry has a right to exist and continue to produce. We have to take whatever measures we can to find instances where regulators are pushing back on us. In the case of NTP, moving forward with the classification could wipe out large segments of the industry for no valid reason.

How do you see the issue unfolding?

It will be interesting to see. We’ll keep pushing back as long as we can until we’ve exhausted it. But in the end, the agencies make their own decisions. If they make what we believe are severely inaccurate decisions, we’ll be prepared to address those. We don’t have control over their final decision.