In the future, what parts could be made out of composites that aren’t currently?

Obviously, it is difficult to predict the future. As the cost of composite materials decrease, I would expect to see more use in the automotive industry. Entire composite chassis are widely used in the sport of racing. As you drive up the road, a high percentage of commuters are alone in their vehicles. I would expect that eventually there will be a low-cost composite chassis for an individual or two-person vehicle. Composites have already made significant inroads in the sporting goods and recreational industries. As oil prices escalate, I would also expect to see composites used for deep well gas and oil wells.

How do you decide which shows to exhibit ATK materials/products?

Simply, it all hinges on our customers – existing and potential. Our most productive shows revolve around meetings and collaboration. ATK is an innovative company, developing the latest in composite automation technology from manufacturing to inspection, so we look to exhibit at shows that offer an opportunity to showcase our composites expertise, display samples when appropriate, and most importantly meet with customers.