What indicators do you watch to discover up-and-coming trends?

Economic reports on industrial manufacturing, building and construction, and housing starts are all good sources to watch for opportunities.

Where do you see room for improvement within composites?

We have opportunities to improve acceptance of composites by better educating those who are reluctant to use new technologies. It takes a very large effort to move someone from using a product where their comfort zone is high to a new product that is perceived as a risk. We need to keep leveraging the benefits of composites and educating those who can benefit from the technology we bring in composite applications.

Since economic troubles last year, how has your composites marketing changed?

We began early in the downturn to work with our customers and help them remain competitive in the marketplace. We also looked at our marketing mix and accelerated our geographic expansion. It was a difficult time, but our goal was to position ourselves to win as the market turned around – and I believe we are in that position now.