In spring 2010, Swedish-based Kockums AB announced that they were developing a new catamaran that would be the first to replace aluminum with composite material. Approximately one year later, they accomplished just that.

Thirteen months after FINTRY Marine placed the initial order for the commercial catamaran, the partnering companies launched the new generation of CarboCAT, christening it the ‘CarboClyde.’ The new 23-meter long catamaran is the first commercial workboat built entirely of carbon composites and will initially be used in the Baltic region to maintain offshore wind farms.

“The concept and outer appearance of the multipurpose vessel comes from FINTRY Marine Design AG, whereas Kockums AB provided the engineering and know-how of the catamaran and built it in accordance with necessary regulations,” explains Kaus Vorwerk, managing director of FINTRY Marine. “It can travel up to 25 knots and transport up to eight tons of material and 12 to 24 technicians. Part of its unique design includes a working deck and an interchangeable 10-foot container transport platform for the technicians’ equipment. The concept for securing the cargo on the forecastle was copied from container ships and all the packing systems are secured with twist locks.”