I would say a challenge—and an opportunity—is for somebody to come up with a gel coat that will hold up as well as house paint so that it sticks and doesn’t fade. It is understood by most knowledgeable boaters and various other fiberglass consumers that today’s gel coats have a short life span if not maintained. Gel coat is no comparison to house paint or automobile paint with respect to fading. Automobile paints do not fade as boats and other fiberglass components do. The first company to make a gel coat finish that can hold up as well as automobile paints will take the entire gel coat industry by storm. If I owned a gel coat company, my R&D department would be working 24/7 on a solution to this problem.

What more would you like to see from composites?

A more cost-effective way of making tooling. There have been some strides in making rapid prototype tooling but I believe there is an opportunity for somebody to come up with tooling that will last for quite awhile. Rapid prototyping tooling doesn’t last very long; it’s not that durable and you can only get 20 or 30 parts out of it.