Next Steps for LRFD

The members of the FCAPS Committee requested an ANSI endorsed document from the composites industry in order for the code to be referenced in the LRFD standard. According to the Committee, this ANSI endorsement will further legitimize the work being done, making it more binding within the industry as a whole. With that in mind, the PIC is converting the ACMA Industry Guideline into an ANSI standard.

In the interim, however, the Pre-Standard code can be referenced in the LRFD commentary until such a time that it becomes an ANSI standard, at which time the code can be referenced in the LRFD standard. In conjunction with these efforts, the PIC LRFD Technical Committee, led by Dan Witcher, Chief Structural Engineer at Strongwell, drafted a new composites industry document Code of Standard Practice for Fabrication and Installation of Pultruded FRP Structures. This document, which ACMA soon plans to publish as an industry guideline, will serve as a companion document to the published ASCE standard and is intended to provide recommendations for construction contract documents, as well as procedures and practices for the fabrication and installation of pultruded FRP structures that is followed by the pultrusion industry manufacturers.

Within the last several years a lot has been done to better position the composites industry for future growth but the job is not done yet. There is much more to come in this year alone within the ASCE FCAPS committee. But one thing is certain, the LRFD Pre-Standard is well on its way to becoming a standard.