What are ways composite manufacturers can get more involved in their industry?

Find an ACMA committee in which they’d like to participate. Most committees meet via phone conferences and are therefore very accessible for those willing and wanting to contribute. I’d also say to take part in the annual trade show COMPOSITES: THE Convention and Exhibition, take advantage of the many CCT courses offered for employees, and get to know your congressman by participating in Lobby Day.

In your opinion, what would help the composites industry expand?

Two things come to mind, first, continuing to develop the Composite Growth Initiative committees and let them further develop their individual markets. Second, partnering with similar associations and further helping technical schools develop composite courses.

As a business owner, how do you stay competitive in a growing market?

By staying educated on new processes, markets and materials. ACMA helps us do that through the annual conference, networking opportunities and various education tools it offers. Suppliers are also a great resource for staying up with what is going on in various market segments.

Where do you turn to for ideas on new products, management, etc.?

I turn to my colleagues and suppliers for new ideas. I also search out information, for example I’ve found information on ACMA’s website as well as social websites. ACMA’s website has a job posting site to post openings or fill positions, which I’ve used. In regards to social media, I recently posted a question on LinkedIn on the Composite Group site and received 40 responses to my question, it’s a great tool!

How has your involvement in ACMA affected your business?

Our business has benefited tremendously by our participation on many ACMA committees. Through networking with colleagues around the country we have been exposed to new products, new ideas, processes and have received many business referrals. ACMA has helped me develop a relationship with our Oregon Political Delegation, which has been beneficial when we need assistance with legislation. We also use the Certified Composite Technician (CCT) course to help educate our employees and bring quality standards to our products.