A new day dawning for fishing boat industry

The group fundamentally came together for one purpose: To bring back a proven fishing boat and make it successful once again. “It was too good of a product to lose,” says Andersen. They each bring separate Warrior perspectives to the newly reformed company, including former dealers, workers, boat dealership owners and pro walleye champion customers.

This year the four owners will be using the same designs with minor cosmetic changes and expect to do more modifications for the 2013 line-up. They will offer six of the top-selling models, including the V1890, an 18-foot tiller; the V2090, 20-foot tiller; the V203, which is a 20-foot console boat; the V2121, a 21-foot console boat; and the V177, which is a 17-foot starter boat.

The men expect the new Warrior and its products to increase competition and push fishing boat technology to the next level. “Warrior was the leader in the industry for a number of years because it was the only one you could put more than a 125 horsepower motor with the patented steering system. The company previously impacted the industry and we believe it will continue to do so in the future,” says Andersen. Having a company like this back in the market is a sign there is positive change on the horizon.

“I’ve done some investigating into other boat companies and it seems that even though the economy is bad, the marine industry is still doing well. I talked to the head of Alumacraft in St. Peter, Minn., and they’re on the way to the best season they’ve ever had. Fishing boats must be one of the things people are still spending money on,” says Andersen. “We’re still going out and going fishing, enjoying life a little. I think it will continue.”

The newly relaunched company expects to employ 10 members from the old staff and move the manufacturing plant to a nearby town, presumably in central Minnesota. With new feet in the door and busy phones in their hands, the proud new owners announce, “We’re back.”