However, an optimist by nature, Zhang is determined to do what is needed to maintain steady growth within China and globally. Jushi has raised the level of employment wages on average 15 percent to maintain quality workers and is focused on cutting its energy consumption by nearly 4 percent. Meanwhile, abroad Jushi is increasing the global sales network with the likes of its fourteen overseas subsidiaries like Jushi USA, Jushi Brazil and Jushi Singapore.

In order to get closer to its global clients (one of its 2012 goals) and better serve its industry, Zhang announced that Jushi will be constructing a new plant in the Suez Economic Development Zone in Egypt. At an estimated cost $220 million and a completion date of 2013, the new plant will product upwards of 80,000 tons of fiberglass annually for customers within its region. More pointedly, Zhang says that regionally, Jushi will focus on aiding India and Brazil in their infrastructure development goals and once there is economic stability Jushi will focus on increasing manufacturing development within Europe and North America. In essence, Jushi’s regional goals that will aid its continued global growth into, what Zhang deems, a bright future.