Each year the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) publishes the Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract. This report condenses statistics from a series of boating industry surveys and sales figures. These numbers outline the state of the marine industry and can be used by boat manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to understand market trends. Below are some of the most significant statistics from the report published earlier this year.

17 million The estimated number of boats in the United States.

75 million The number of U.S. residents that participated in recreational boating in 2010, which is roughly 32.4 percent of the population.

99 percent of boaters went boating between January and July 2008, and continued despite rising fuel prices.

1,118,130 Total power and sail boats sold in 2010 (not including canoes and kayaks).

188,230 The number of new power and sail boat unit totals.

83 percent of boat sales in 2010 were pre-owned boats compared to an estimated 17 percent that were purchased new.

$30.4 billion The overall recreational boating retail expenditures for boats, engines, trailers, accessories and services totaled in 2010.

20 percent of all U.S. boaters live in the Great Lakes region. This translates into nearly 17 million boaters residing in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin alone, making the Great Lakes region the top region for recreational boating in the U.S.