Alliant Techsystems (ATK), a Fortune 500 aerospace company based Arlington, Va., announced it will reorganize its business into three groups—aerospace, defense and sporting—starting in 2013. Along with this reorganization, the company says it will need to cut 200 jobs. This is the second company reorganization since longtime CEO Dan Murphy stepped down two years ago. According to CEO Mark DeYoung, ATK is streamlining its business to address government budget pressures and the individual needs of each market.

Prior to 2010, the group operated within three groups: mission systems, armament systems and space systems. Then in 2010 it reorganized to become aerospace systems, armament systems, missile products, and security and sporting. Now, ATK states, it will condense the armament and missiles group to offset government cuts and lower sales in those markets. Meanwhile the reorganization will allow ATK’s to focus on emerging sport group and increase international sales.

Moving forward, the reduced defense group will work on armament and missiles led by Vice President Mike Kahn out of Baltimore, Md; the aerospace group will develop ATK’s flying projects, led by Senior Vice President Blake Larson in Magna, Utah; and the sporting group will focus on ATK’s growing market for accessories and equipment for sporting goods as well law enforcement, led by Senior Vice President Ron Johnson in Anoka, Minn.