On Thursday, February 16, 2012, NASA recognized the evolution of Collier Research Corporation from a spinoff company to a commercial success story using NASA-licensed HyperSizer technology. HyperSizer is composite and metal optimization software used by NASA centers to reduce aircraft weight. HyperSizer is currently being used by Tier One aerospace firms, and Collier expects that more industries, such as wind energy, could see the benefit of composites through weight reduction.

Collier was one of the first companies to successfully launch NASA technology in the commercial market. It’s currently pushing the composite edge in new markets, and has the potential to increase the competitive advantages of the material against competing metals.

HyperSizer provides engineers with structural tools, methods research and software solutions to help meet mission critical deadlines, reduce material weight, and save design hours. Over the course of twenty years the software was used to design the Bombardier’s LearJet, commercial transport planes such as the C-Series and long-duration, high-altitude aircraft like Scaled Composites’ Global Flyer.

Research facilities such as Sandia National Lab’s Wind Energy Technology l are currently using HyperSizer to design difficult projects such as a 328-foot wind turbine blade using only composite materials. Eliminating weight through material and design selection could lower the cost and increase the efficiency of the wind blades in the energy market. Other markets such as automotive, currently focused on lightweighting, could use the weight saving software to design lighter parts for vehicle floors and other heavy metal components.

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