Timothy C. Price is vice president of The R. J. Marshall Company, which offers a broad base of products to the cast polymer market. He’s also general manager of Alpine Milled Glass, which specializes in the engineering and manufacture of milled glass products. Prior to joining The R.J. Marshall Company in 2001, he was senior vice president of Talon Surfaces LLC, the manufacturer of Korstone kitchen and bathroom products.

Timothy C. Price is vice president of The R. J. Marshall Company.

Based on your 35 years of experience, where do you see the most potential for composites growth?

To quote Pat MacDonald, “the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” Due to its unique properties and competitive cost structure, composites will continue to grow in many markets and applications. Some of these are aerospace/aviation, civil infrastructure, wind and alternative energy, transportation and composites pipes.

What materials or processes will be most important to the composites industry of tomorrow?

Lighter-weight composites with better strength-to-weight ratios and reduced processing times. Weight reduction saves energy and reduces costs, and faster processing cycles will make us more competitive compared to metals.

COMPOSITES 2012 attendees will be looking for ways to increase their competitive advantage. What’s one area in which the industry as a whole can improve?

We need to be greener as an industry. Our products compete against metals, wood and concrete, all of which have very defined cradle-to-grave lifecycles and robust recycling strategies and programs. I appreciate the focus of the ACMA regarding green composites and recycling.

What’s driving business at R.J. Marshall today, and is there a certain area of the composites industry you’re most confident in?

Customer needs drive our research, development and product mix. Our goal is to provide innovative, functional particulate-based minerals and chemicals to bring value to our customers, suppliers and employees. We are particularly confident in specialty flame retardants, cast polymer applications, composite recycling and value-added solutions based on particular customer needs. Our primary focus is both thermal plastic and thermoset plastic applications. Our products are widely used in these markets. In addition, we are developing specialty products for paints, coatings, adhesives, putties and caulks.

What value does R.J. Marshall receive from exhibiting at COMPOSITES?

The COMPOSITES show is valuable for many reasons. It’s a great platform to introduce new products and highlight existing products to customers, distributors and suppliers. It provides us with crucial feedback and qualified leads. It also offers plenty of networking opportunities, and ACMA always excels at providing attendees and exhibitors with meaningful and insightful educational and technical presentations.