Once a product is approved for the label, what happens next?

We give the company access to digital versions of the label, which they can use and print on packaging or in marketing material, and that technology includes security to ensure proper access. We also update our website at www.biopreferred.gov, and encourage companies to use the education material on the site. A company’s product certification remains valid for as long as the biobased product is manufactured in accordance with the information supplied in the approved application. If the USDA revises the required minimum biobased content for a product, vendors may continue to label the previously certified product only if it meets the new minimum biobased content level.

You’ve taken the BioPreferred label and its message to leaders many industries. Why do you think the composites industry is a good match?

Making and marketing “green” products is a big deal for the composites industry, and it seems to keep getting bigger. It’s one thing for a company to say it provides environmentally friendly products, but it’s more credible for products to also be backed and certified by an organization like the USDA.