Todd Hockenberry, owner of Top Line Results in Tampa, Fla., is a professional marketing consultant. He recognizes that many companies are switching to inbound marketing strategies to bring in more customers. This is a great trend for composite manufacturers, however, companies interested in online marketing techniques should watch out for these common marketing pitfalls.

Stop that Tweet! “Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, SEO, etc. are all tactics that may or may not work for a particular business,” says Hockenberry. “Thinking that there is a magic quick fix is a regular thing that marketing consultants battle.” Not everything you post will go viral, additionally, not everything you post will be helpful. To avoid this common mistake, Hockenberry recommends implementing a long term marketing strategy that involves social media. This way all company news and information is circulated timely and effectively without too much added work.

Information dumping. Reduce the amount of “spam” you send customers by data mining. “The more you know about the customer and can chop down and tailor the distribution lists, the better,” says Hockenberry. “Earn people’s emails through trade shows then drive your new acquaintances to a website. Let them read a blog post and get to know you and your products, eventually they might just like you!” Sending random emails is an easy way to lose customers in the spam box and get blocked by email servers.

A house divided. Instead of separating your blog from your website by a different web address, keep your customers on your site by hosting your blog on your website domain. Build a separate page for your blog and link to your other website pages in blog posts. “Your blog should be housed and reside within your core website URL. For example, if your company web address was, I recommend using a blog address like The purpose is to add to the quality and quantity of the entire webpage,” says Hockenberry. “New content shows search engines like Google that your page is a vibrant place to look for new information.”