Google estimates that 97 percent of customers use the Internet to find local businesses. Forrester Research estimates that as much as 50 percent of potential sales are lost because customers can’t find the information they want online. Great marketing starts with the company’s image and how it’s broadcasting on the World Wide Web. Inbound marketing professionals believe that the best way to reach new consumers is to create unique content to match search words.

Company website optimization

Today, the path to good marketing starts with the homepage. According to Hockenberry, the most important thing you can do to improve your website is not to show that you have a good company, but that your company can solve business needs. “Writing content from a customer’s perspective will help improve your Google search results,” he says. “Include keywords on your website that customers use when talking to you, it will increase your chances of being found and gaining a customer’s interest.”

In order to increase your webpage search results, use keywords in the page content and on the back end of websites for linking and anchor text. For example, manufacturers of composite surfboards can use keywords like “strong FRP board” or “waterproof long board” to explain the product in the website. You can find valuable keywords that customers are looking for and that match your company’s products using marketing tools like Wordtracker, Google Analytics, KeywordSpy or HubSpot.

Search engines like Google use indexing software that collects information from the internet to create a usable algorithm for users to find the right information. Using good keywords on a homepage can significantly increase the company’s chances of being found by the right customers. This webpage strategy uses inbound marketing to increase search engine optimization (SEO), or organically improve your site visibility on the web through content and keywords. Additionally, unlike print advertising, the digital information can be updated to change with new customer trends and company developments.

Promoting good content

The next step is to update your webpage each month by adding unique company content in the form of a blog. “Adding new content helps address customer issues and increases your chance of being found through search terms. My customers are always afraid to start blogging. So my advice is to write about the conversations you normally have with customers on the phone,” says Hockenberry.

New content indicates to outside viewers that the website is current and that the company is knowledgeable, willing to share information and involved in current technology. Don’t be afraid to send a quick email or schedule a message on social media to tell your customers about great blog posts. “SEO optimization and inbound marketing is not something you just do once,” says Hockenberry, “it’s part of a larger project to generate good content and make it available to customers.”