New website for CCP American Composites Manufacturer’s Association (ACMA) member CCP Composites in North Kansas City, Mo., recently revamped its marketing plan after merging with sister company Cray Valley, an international resin and gel coat supplier. By September 2011, CCP Composites had a brand new website with modified logos to improve its global presence.

“This past year we’ve focused on moving away from printed materials and towards increasing our global presence through electronic forms and information,” says Matt Swenson, vice president of marketing and product management at CCP Composites US. “We revamped our website and we’re redesigning new literature pieces geared towards a more technically savvy audience. We’ve also increased our online advertisements and email marketing. If we hadn’t merged and been forced to create a new look, I think this process would’ve been much slower for us.”

CCP Composites invests in a combination of marketing strategies, which include print advertisements in magazines, exhibit booths at trade shows, supplying resins and gel coats for the Lean Mean Closed Molding Machine organized by Composites One, and supporting composite manufacturing classes at CCP U. “We’re moving away from outbound marketing partly to reduce our paper waste but also because we have an in-house designer that can quickly update our digital information,” says Swenson. “I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but we’ve learned that this is the most efficient way for us to market our products and get the most bang for our buck.”

CCP Composites is still engaged in the long process of evolving into a global entity but it’s proud of the progress made in the past few months. During the remainder of 2012, the marketing department will continue to develop new content for the webpage and other digital media, like electronic product information, to engage current North American and future international customers.

Kreysler charters the blogosphere

Another ACMA member, Kreysler & Associates, Inc., in American Canyon, Calif., launched a blog in September 2011 to highlight composite materials in architecture. Sarah Lueck, designer at Kreysler and writer for Composites and Architecture, believes the new blog is a valuable tool for customer interchange and keeping the company abreast of industry trends.

“I don’t have a background in marketing, I’m a designer by trade. I started collaborating with Kreysler during school studio program to design custom fabricated facade prototypes,” says Lueck. “The company wanted to start a blog and I volunteered.” Lueck searches the internet and follows other engineering publications, like Architect Magazine, to find story ideas. She also created new accounts on Twitter (@compoarch) and Facebook to publish blog content and help find new story ideas. On average she spends 10 hours a week researching stories, writing, reaching out to companies, finding interesting pictures and posting them online.