Some of Composites in Architecture’s popular articles include “Treehouse FRP” and “Leap Pod-FRP Alpine Retreat”, which both use a combination of striking photos and unique composite content to grab new readers. “Most architectural publications don’t specify materials, they focus on designs and structure. Writing about composites in architecture is a unique topic we can offer the industry and tell clients about other projects that have used the material,” says Lueck.

Lueck believes she’s been successful in promoting the blog online. Her posts have been featured in other news sources, including a mention in the Architect’s Newspaper, and she’s made a number of new industry contacts for the company. She met the owner of Goetz Composites after posting a story about the redesign of the Buckminster Fuller Fly’s Eye in Miami and introduced Kreysler to a new composite architectural company.

According to the company, it’s still too early to determine how much the blog is impacting sales and new projects but Lueck believes that the blog will continue to be a focus for the company. “We appreciate all of our readers and invite people to check it out,” says Lueck.

Making sense of the magnet Inbound marketing isn’t a scary new business investment, it’s an easy way to optimize a company’s image and keep business owners informed of marketplace trends and ideas. And it’s especially important for composite businesses since most companies are focused on marketing the material properties of a developing technology.

“The biggest obstacle for a manufacturing company is itself. There’s often nothing else keeping it from prospering,” says Hockenberry. “To grow, the composite industry must understand that marketing is an essential element of each product, and your target audiences expect you to market them well. Be confident of that fact and be in the right places (online and at events) when they look for you.”

More composite companies like MSI, CCP Composites US and Kreysler & Associates are implementing inbound marketing strategies and seeing great results. It’s evident that this new outlook on marketing is an important way to reach customers in the global marketplace with so much potential in the digital marketplace, now is the perfect time to start attracting new customers by offering solutions online.