Samsara Surfboards, a composite manufacture in Victoria, Australia, is using Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax Fabric to produce eco-friendly surfboards. The company is excited about all the new benefits that the flax brings to the board, and is interested in researching new bio composite materials in the future.

According to the company, the new Samsara “stringerless” surfboard is comparatively much stronger than the previous carbon fiber board. “The new design gives you more return in high energy from the board through rapid spring back. So, when you do a turn the board is flexing

under tension and when you exit the turn the energy is released back to you resulting in ultimate speed,” says Owner Jason Wiggers.

In terms of manufacturing the material, the flax acts similarly to fiberglass and carbon fiber fabric. Therefore, Samsara didn’t change its manufacturing process to adapt to the new material. Now the composite technicians perform the same wet lay-up on advanced bio materials to produce a higher-energy and eco-friendly product.

Samsara will continue to introduce bio materials into its designs. It’s currently researching the use of bamboo fabric to replace the rest of its fiberglass mat content.