What are key issues that keep the industry from growing?

Actually composites traditionally grow at a faster rate than GDP. With signs of modest growth in the North American economy, we are seeing some growth in fiberglass demand in 2012. There are three things that I see as the biggest challenges to composite growth: health and safety, processing and education. First, we clearly we have many years of bumping up against state laws to work with. We want to continue our work as an industry to have safest practices for the workers. Second, composites can be more expensive per pound or per part than other materials but the life cycle and installation costs are generally so much lower—we have to market that better. We also need to see these new processes continue to reach the market that will improve cycle times. Third, composites are not currently highlighted enough at many universities. They learn about wood, steel, concrete and aluminum. Only the most progressive schools are offering enough focus on composites.