Of all the comic book heroes, you can expect Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) to have a few advanced composite gadgets up his sleeve. Other than the collection of Batmobiles that Hollywood designers have created for the dark-winged hero, the newest Batman movie – “Dark Knight Rises” – features an all-new composite intensive Batplane. Get excited.

Christopher Nolan, director of the newest Batman trilogy, prefers to film actual machines rather than relying solely on computer generated images. This meant that production designer Nathan Crowley had a big project ahead of himself. Crowley first worked with foam and plastic to design the plane using shapes from the Batmobile, which in the newest Batman series is more like an urban assault vehicle.

The result? An F-35B and Osprey inspired villain-hunting flying machine of aluminum and carbon fiber composite parts. Special effects coordinator Chris Corbould built two 28-foot long versions of the Batplane for the set, both of them using aluminum and carbon fiber chassis. Now the millionaire superhero can avoid long lines in the airport and fight crime on his own time. Don’t worry Gotham, Batman has a durable new set of wings.