As the final part of a 3-set jump, Austrian Felix Baumgartner will attempt to stretch the boundaries of human flight and aerospace in a 22-mile skydiving expedition. Baumgartner previously jumped 18.3 miles and 16 miles in preparation for his final 22 mile goal, which will set a new skydiving record previously set by his 83-year old mentor Joseph William Kittinger, II.

In order to get Baumgartner 22 miles above the surface, Red Bull manufactured a capsule – known as Red Bull Stratos – to protect him from the cold temperatures and the harsh atmospheric pressure. During the ascent, Baumgartner will sit in a composite-manufactured pressure sphere capsule. The capsule was molded using a fiberglass and an epoxy matrix then coated with fireproof paint. The sphere is pressurized to 8 pounds per square inch (psi), which reduces the risk of decompression sickness without requiring the use of Baumgartner’s suit. Additionally, the capsule’s aeroshell is a foam-insulated skin covered in fiberglass and paint that is used to protect Baumgartner from the -70 degrees F conditions outside.

On the journey down, Baumgartner will also utilize composites wearing a pressurized space suit, which prevents the fluids in his body from vaporizing.