Why is it important that Atlas supports a new train station?

For Atlas Composites, the provision of a passenger rail service in Ilkeston will help support business growth, improve job prosperity and remove potential barriers for business networking which is why we are using our public relations distribution list and social media channels to garner support. We have even openly written a letter of support to our local MP Jessica Lee who has submitted it to Parliament along with a petition of support.

Looking down the road, what materials or processes you see as becoming standard in composites?

I believe thermoplastics will become more prevalent in aerospace composites. Mainly because the material is recyclable and it provides cost saving benefits. Also, automated fiber placement (AFP) will inevitably become more economically viable for small and medium enterprises as the technology develops and becomes more widespread.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

Atlas Composites is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a leader in the U.K. composites manufacturing industry. As such, we enjoyed a company day out at Doncaster Racecourse as part of a sequence of events to commemorate the occasion.

We attended the Farnborough International Air Show on July 9. We’re happy to celebrate our achievements and look forward to improving our business through industry standards to remain a leader in the aerospace industry.