Carbon fiber bike wheels are rapidly integrating into competitive bicycle sport events like the Summer Olympics and the 2012 Tour de France. For instance, bike manufacturer Corima S.A. is using Hexcel’s HexPly prepeg and Primetex 12K carbon fiber reinforcements in its road racing design, Chrono.

Teams like Astana and Sojasun say they prefer Corima Chrono wheels because the carbon fiber reinforcement increases their competitive edge over heavier and less durable bicycle wheels. The Corima Chrono is recognized in both the composites and bicycle industries for being a durable product that provides accurate weight distribution and aerodynamic efficiency for racing bicycles.

According to the company’s press release, the teams take advantage of the “industrial processability” to meet the “high demands to which a wheel is subjected during the Tour de France challenge.” Corima has worked with Hexcel for over 20 years to develop carbon fiber solutions in the high performance bicycle industry. Corima S.A. won a 2010 JEC Innovation Award for developing its unique all-carbon fiber bike wheel.