Another Olympics has come and gone (we’ll let you be depressed for a day.) And as Olympians disperse across the world—triumphant and despondent— and we unglue ourselves from the television (and perhaps our couches), London organizers will be busy putting the city back on its usual course.

Part of that clean-up will involve composite recycling. Serge Ferrari, a global supplier of architectural tarpaulins supplied 80 percent of the PVC composite technical textiles used at the Olympics. Venues such as the Olympic stadium, the water polo arena and the Royal Artillery barrack all used the French-based company’s composite materials in their construction.

However, the materials used in London won’t end their Olympic journeys here. For example, Solvay is using its VinyLoop recycling technology for PVC composites to give the material a second life at another important athletic venue: The 2014 FIFA World Cup, being held in Brazil. “This unique process jointly developed with Solvay provides a second life to textiles and makes them 100 percent recyclable,” says Serge Ferrari Group CEO Romain Ferrari.

Along with shipping much of the product to the under-construction-venues in Brazil, others will be converted in gym mats for schools.