American aerospace company, Aerofex Corp, has developed a new hoverbike prototype that could certainly win the approval of Jedi-master Yoda and has already made many Star Wars fans interested in the new wheel-less technology. According to the company, the prototype took approximately four years to develop. The new hoverbike is controlled using two bars around the knee level that allow the rider to change speed and direction, very similar to riding a motorcycle. It can reach 30-mph and (unlike a motorcycle) fly 15-feet above the ground — and the company believes it is capable of much more.

Although unusual, this hoverbike isn’t the first of its kind. Last year, Australian engineer Chris Malloy used his entire life-savings to create a hovercraft capable of reaching over 100-mph and an altitude of 10,000-feet high. His design is a Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber with a foam core frame that took a little over two years to develop. His project is still in testing, as of last year the prototype had only been tested strapped to the ground to prevent it from flying too high. It is expected to sell for $40,000 when it is completed.

Aerofex has not released specifics of its design, including material selection or what will happen to the design moving forward. However, the Aerofex hoverbike is unlikely to be available on the market. The company has announced that the hoverbike will be used as a military patrol tool rather than a commercial vehicle, which ironically is probably how the hoverbike was originally introduced on Tatooine.

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