As the Moscow International Automobile Salon gears up for its 2012 exhibition, many BMW enthusiasts are waiting in eager anticipation for the upcoming lineup of luxury automobiles. The BMW Group will showcase new automobiles and off-road vehicles as well as the European premier of the company’s latest concept car: The i8 Concept Spyder. It will be the first high-technology vehicle that BMW has brought to Russia.

The lightweight construction and advanced plug-in hybrid concept gives the i8 Spyder the overall power of a real race car with the fuel consumption of a small car. The i8 Spyder is also built around the innovative LifeDrive architecture, a fusion of independent functional units.

For example, the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) life module gives the car an extremely lightweight body, while the drive modules – made from aluminum components – bring together all the car’s operational driving functions. BMW attests that the use of lightweight composites for the body of the vehicle has allowed the manufacturers to completely cancel out the extra weight given by the hybrid components.