If you have a rigid perception of what a bike is, you might not agree with the latest invention, brought to you by German engineers. Although you might enjoy it; it suspends you in the air and helps you burn more than a few extra calories. We should also mention it recently won a Merit Award at the International Cycle Show in Taipei.

The new Fliz Bike is a mash up of a hang-glider and a Rube Goldber device. Likened to a next gen Flintstones mode of transport, the Fliz Bike is based on the concept of a velocipede and provides a harness, but no seat or pedals for its rider.

Designers Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter use both glass and a carbon fiber frame that acts as a suspension to the custom-built harness. To get the contraption moving, the rider must run or utilize a downhill slope. The bike’s five point harness system holds the frame close to the user’s body while in motion, allowing the rider to gain speed. Once the rider has gained speed, they can rest their feet on the back wheel and use the handlebars to steer.