Patrons of the San Fernando Valley aren’t horsing around. In fact, they’re embracing the community’s equestrian past. The group began placing over 200 fiberglass horses around the area in order to draw attention to the arts and gather money for various local charities.

“We’re looking at 200 to 250 horses all over the Valley,” says project founder Scott Sterling of the Public Art Initiative for the Museum of the San Fernando Valley. “The purpose is to bring culture and art back to the Valley, and what better way to do that than with such a symbolic animal.”

The life-sized fiberglass horses are decorated by individual artists and are a nod to explorer Gaspar de Portola who first road his four-legged friend into the Valley to claim it for his home country Spain. His horse was later harnessed by Spanish missionaries and generation of farmers — it was even bred for racing by Valley movie stars.

The group hopes to earn upwards of $3 million from corporate sponsors and individual donors for the museum, Valley Arts alliance and local horse-based charities.

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