Hutington Ingalls Industries’ shipbuilding division has delivered a 900-ton deckhouse to the U.S. Navy for the destroyer, the DDG 1000 Zumwalt. The destroyer is the U.S. Navy’s next-generation guided-missile destroyer, leading the way for a new generation of advanced, multi-mission surface combat ships.

The deckhouse and the hangar are made almost entirely using cored composite construction processes and they take advantage of the properties of carbon fiber materials and balsa wood cores. When cured, the composite structure is as strong as steel and is very lightweight. These uniquely detailed attributes reduce maintenance cost over the life span of the ship because of its corrosion resistance in the marine environment and allows for improved hull stability, more payload and increased ship speeds.

The 900-ton deckhouse provides an advanced structure to house the ship’s bridge, radars, antennas and intake/exhaust systems and is designed to provide a significantly smaller radar cross-section than any other ship in today’s fleet.

[Marine Log]