At the recently held American Concrete Institute Fall Convention in Toronto, Canada, Oct. 21-23, the ACI Committee 440 – FRP Reinforcement is very busy on a number of activities ranging from development of reports, specifications, test protocols, and standards.  ACMA Staff – John Busel is an active voting member of Committee 440.  Below is a summary of the work that was reported at the Committee 440 Main meeting:

Special Task Group – The focus of this task group is to develop material specifications for externally bonded systems.  The scope of document is uni-directional, wet lay up materials that are used to strengthen, seismically upgrade and repair reinforced concrete.  The significance for the development of this standard specification is that it is now referenced in ACI’s concrete repair code recently approved by the ACI Technical Activities Committee.  In the concrete repair code, all materials are presented, including FRP strengthening systems.  This is a huge achievement for FRP composites and those manufacturers who commercially sell FRP structural strengthening systems that are used for reinforced concrete.  The role of Committee 440 was to develop the material specification.  This effort will lead to additional standard specifications include one for procured systems and a construction standard specification.  In the development of the construction specification, areas that need to be address will include bond, primers and other adhesives, and address other construction related issues.  Looking ahead, this Task Group is also defining Tg parameters as it pertains to service conditions, add near surface mounted (NSM) products and precured plates, and lastly, include multi-directional fabrics.

440-L – Durability of FRP Composites – The committee was developing a new document for several years now titled “Accelerated Conditioning Protocols for Durability Assessment of Internal and External Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcement.”  The document was re-balloted in Sept. 2012.  This committee has had a difficult job to characterize FRP composites durability when used with reinforced concrete.  This document represents the best synopsis of durability, but more importantly, presents protocols for testing materials and products so that products can be compared and more importantly tested uniformly.  This document has been in development for more than 5 years and has taken many directions as many people want more than what information is available.  Now, we have the start of many documents on this subject with the introduction of testing protocols.  Now, the work is not done yet.  The 440-L needs to resolve any remaining negatives and re-ballot on an individual chapters basis as required prior to Spring 2013 Meeting.  The plan is to address any remaining document issues at Spring Meeting and send to TAC for their review.