Sometimes publicity is as simple as standing out in the crowd. I once outfitted a sales team in bright orange shirts. It was not the most stylish decision but everyone in that show knew who we were.

Build a detailed marketing calendar starting at least 90 days prior to the show to manage your pre-show marketing efforts, and do not forget to extend the calendar for at least the length of your sales cycle after the show.

4. Convert Visits to Leads

Make sure everyone in your booth understands that the goal is to convert traffic in the aisles into visitors in your booth, then into leads. All booth workers should understand the offer and how to present it to visitors. Monitor employees to ensure they’re promoting your offer.

Make your booth giveaways and handouts website friendly. Add QR codes to your handouts so people can easily scan the code and find your offer online. Build a landing page with the offer on your website to convert visitors who receive your handouts and giveaways into leads after they leave the booth.

5. Follow Up and Turn Leads into Customers

Do not make the cardinal sin of trade show attendance – letting leads go stagnant. Follow up aggressively with all leads. Don’t just send emails thanking people for stopping by the booth. Call everyone. Continue to promote your trade show offer after the show using your blog, social media and email campaigns.
The day you pack up a trade show is not the end of the show: It is just the beginning. Companies that understand that trade shows are not just an event but an ongoing part of their overall marketing strategy will generate a consistently high return on those investments.