Chuck Kazmierski is program manager of Dallas-based Lucintel, which provides world-class business intelligence and cutting-edge decision support services, enabling its thousands of global customers to make decisions with greater speed, insight and cost efficiency.

Kazmierski has more than 25 years of experience in market research, value-based wmanagement, value-chain analysis and market structure analysis, as well as more than 10 years of experience in resins and the composites industry. Prior to joining Lucintel, he spent 34 years at The Dow Chemical Company, where he worked in R&D, technical sales and service, manufacturing, and marketing communications.

Kazmierski will join Sanjay Mazumdar, president and CEO of Lucintel, to present the COMPOSITES 2013 session, “Growth Opportunities in the Global Composites Market 2013-2018.” The session will be held Tuesday, January 29 from 3:00-3:45.

Your COMPOSITES session is on growth opportunities in the composites market over the next five years. Why do you think this topic is important for attendees to hear?

The global composites material market is on the rise, and we continue to forecast significant growth over the next five years. The growth will be driven by growth in sectors such as pipe and tank, transportation, wind and construction. There are number of new applications that are coming up, as well as various product, process and material innovations.

People who join us at COMPOSITES will gain a clear perspective on the current state of the global composites industry as well as a strategic understanding of where the industry is headed. Lucintel will share our in-depth study of the global composites market.

What does that study include?

The study goes into detail about high-growth markets, applications, geographies, competitiveness versus traditional materials and market trends that are driving change. We look forward to presenting insight into growth opportunities and strategic insights that are shaping the composites industry’s future today.

The theme of this year’s COMPOSITES event is “Connecting Forward.” How can your session help attendees do that?

The session will have four key “take-aways” for attendees:

1. Attendees will get a brief overview of the global composites industry.

2. They’ll learn about the trends, drivers and challenges of the North American composites market by industry sector.

3. They’ll get insight on specific opportunities for 2013 and beyond.

4. They’ll gain understanding about emerging trends and emerging applications.

Can you share perspective about what you’re looking forward to about the session, or about the event overall?

Our key objective is provide a brief outlook on the most attractive markets in the composites industry. Also, we want to make attendees aware of Lucintel’s services in market intelligence and management consulting in the composites industry.

Why is the show valuable to you and Lucintel?

Our expectation from this conference is to generate awareness of our consulting expertise as well as market report services. We also want to demonstrate our capability in various consulting services such as strategic growth consulting, market entry strategy, mergers and acquisitions, competitive benchmarking, due diligence, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, opportunity screening, and target screening. We’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge and learning from others.