It was a race against time as renowned Italian sailor Giovanni Soldini and his crew set a new record for sailing the historic “Golden Route” from New York to San Francisco via Cape Horn.  The 13,225 mile Clipper Ship route around Cape Horn has been called the “Everest of the Seas.” This dangerous route was made famous during the Gold Rush Era.

The Italian luxury car manufacturer, Maserati lent its name to the racing boat, VOR70 (Volvo Ocean Race) which represents the synthesis of nautical technology. The monohull VOR70 is superior to the monohull of the previous record holder. It’s the fastest of its type, with a carbon-fiber honeycomb construction. Most boats are optimized for high winds to help them obtain faster sailing time and this innovative machine is no different. It is 70 feet long and 20 feet wide, with a mast 105 feet tall and Kevlar sails.

“We are happy!” Soldini said in a statement. “The Golden Route is an historic record, a very important and challenging one…. Maserati proved to be a powerful boat, a technological and reliable one. The crew has been extraordinary; everyone was prepared to face even the hardest situation.”

Soldini and his crew spent 47 days at sea, crushing the previous record set in 1998 by Yves Parlier when Aquitaine Innovations made the journey in 57 days and 3 hours.