It’s best to encourage students at a young age to embrace careers in a variety of professions.  Several teachers from across West Virginia received hands-on training at the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI) to help provide math and science lessons to their students. The lessons are designed to encourage students to consider careers in industries, particularly jobs in aviation, aerospace and advanced composite materials.

The teachers learned how to use NASA’s “Museum in a Box” tool, which, according to NASA, administers lessons with a fun aeronautics theme. The program is designed for teachers to introduce composite technology to their students, inspiring them to seek out composites related professions after graduation. All of the math and science topics can be used for students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

“RCBI is excited to bring this outstanding NASA program to teachers and students across West Virginia,” said Charlotte Weber, director and CEO of RCBI. “Math and science skills are a critical part of training for today’s jobs and are becoming even more essential for tomorrow’s jobs. RCBI already works with employers, workers and student groups at our statewide centers in Huntington, Charleston, Bridgeport and Rocket Center, and this partnership will expand training programs to classrooms in many school systems.”

While at RCBI’s Bridgeport Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, the teachers were able to visit the RCBI Composites Technology & Training Center. The center serves as West Virginia’s National Composite Center of Excellence.


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