Looking forward, how do you see the CGI program and its committees impacting the future of the composites marketplace?

The CGI Committees will continue to identify opportunities to open new markets and identify new customers for composites. Because of the variety of actions these committees are undertaking, they will further establish credibility to our industry as we compete against steel, wood, aluminum and other materials through broad education to customers and end users, development of industry guidelines and standards and advancement of composites technology to solve market challenges that will lead to market growth.

Why should a company that is not currently active in a CGI committee get involved?

Participation in ACMA and specifically in CGI committees is the primary vehicle to collectively grow composites against other materials by addressing common issues and identifying avenues for growth. The strength of any organization and the quality of its results are based on the level of participation from its members. This is true within the CGI committees as well. Those with strong participation and leadership are realizing the results of their efforts and their members are prospering. From my experience over many years with ACMA, I have seen numerous examples where member companies have had a real advantage over non-member companies. Their businesses have grown and they are in the best position to leverage the many offerings and opportunities provided by ACMA and the CGI committees. It’s really pretty simple – get involved and reap the rewards!