“April is CCT month. Now is the time to recharge and invest in your employees by elevating your workforce standards far above that of your competitors. Take advantage of the training opportunities offered by ACMA with the Certified Composite Technician courses,” says Lori Luchak, president of Miles Fiberglass & Composites and ACMA.

Alex Luchak, technician at Miles Fiberglass & Composites

Alex Luchak, technician at Miles Fiberglass & Composites

Luchak’s son, Alex, holds three CCT certifications. Alex also completed a four course CCT program developed at Clackamas Community College by Miles Fiberglass and ACMA. He now works as a technician at Miles Fiberglass.

CM Interviews caught up with Alex to ask him about the CCT program from his perspective.

What did you hope to gain by participating in the CCT program?

I hoped to gain more knowledge of the field and a better understanding, not just of the material side, but other aspects of the industry as well.

How has CCT certification impacted your job?

Since receiving my CCT certification, I feel that I am better equipped for my job and have a better understanding of the chemical makeup of composites. My knowledge and skills have grown at a much faster rate than if I had looked for educational opportunities on my own or relied on on-the-job training. That could take years in a field as complex as composites.

What advice do you have for people who want to receive CCT certification?

The major piece of advice that I have is to enjoy the learning process and get as much out of the course as possible because it will come in handy in this industry. I have referred back to my CCT experience to help me out many times and was happy I had it to fall back on. I would recommend that people pursue their designation after they start their employment, especially if they are new to the industry of composites. I feel that it is more beneficial for the employee, the employer and the program if the individual has a chance to see if this field of work is suitable for them. If it is, then they should take the next step in obtaining their designation. My overall experience with the CCT program was positive and I am glad I chose to follow through in doing it.

Did your employer recognize you or encourage you getting your designation?

Did that impact your decision to obtain your CCT? Yes, my employer, Miles Fiberglass, encourages all of their employees to participate in the CCT program, in fact they offer a $1.00 an hour raise to any employee who completes the program. This initially impacted my decision to take the course, but once I was enrolled in the program I realized all I was getting out of it and now looking back I would have done the program without the enticement of a raise.