As technology continues to push the composites industry into the future, many innovative processes are surfacing that cater to mass production. 3D Fabrication Technology Inc. (3DFabTech) licensed a manufacturing technology to execute precise 3D copying of parts. The technology can copy high-temperature parts for aerospace and military applications. The system’s mold acts as a template for the high-volume production of 3D parts. 3DFabTech’s patented system can copy 3D parts in 15 minutes, and the materials can be recycled.

3DFabTech’s system for composite fabrication is based on material formulations that can undergo a reversible room-temperature transition – going from liquid-like to solid with no change in volume – nicknamed “engineered quicksand.” It provides fast and inexpensive tooling to the emerging 3D printing market for repairs on either standard or high-temperature composites. In most applications, the technology may replace certain tooling materials currently used.

“The licensing arrangement enables 3DFabTech to quickly address the needs of many industrial applications in the rapidly growing 3D printing market,” said Bao Tran, principal of the intellectual property law firm Tran & Associates and founder of 3DFabTech.

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