The creative masterpiece of New York-based WXY Architecture, the $12 million state-of-the-art merry-go-round is slated to open in October. Upon completion, SeaGlass will be 46-feet wide with a spiraled turntable designed to simulate the ocean floor. WXY Architecture’s Claire Weisz says, “In addition to a carousel, it’s a theater. For people of all ages, it will create one of those moments when you feel great to be in New York City.”

Jet Surf
Selling Point: From England to France in 30 Minutes

jet-surf-webGive an engineer who also happens to be a Formula 1 fanatic free reign, and he’ll come up with an ingenious idea like the Jet Surf, the newest motorized surfboard. Sure to be the newest craze among water sports enthusiasts this summer, the Jet Surf, developed by the Czech Republic-based company of the same name, was eight years in the making. Described as a cross between a surf board and a Jet Ski (but more similar in spirit to a snowboard), the Jet Surf can reach speeds of 40 mph. It differentiates itself from other motorized surfboards due to its size, weight and power. If you are having a hard time deciding between flying or taking the train on your summer holidays to Europe, you could purchase the Jet Surf for a mere $11,000 and cross the English Channel in 30 minutes!

The boards are handmade with carbon fiber, weigh approximately 27 pounds and have a range of nearly 50 miles that allow the rider to take on big swells as well as enjoy calmer waters. “We use only the best materials because Jet Surf is being used in extreme conditions,” says sales manager Michal Lošťák. It has a 100cc two-stroke engine attached to the back as well as a miniature water jet that propels riders forward as they use their body weight to steer from side to side. If you’re worried about losing the valuable piece of equipment, have no fear – the electronic leash attached to the surfer’s wrist acts as both a throttle and an emergency kill-cord. The 2.5 liter engine allows a user to surf wave after wave for up to two hours, so make sure to apply sunscreen liberally.

AirEthic Inflatable Boat
Selling Point: Saving the earth while cruising around it

air-ethic-webMake less waves as you’re out and about this summer – both in the water and on the carbon footprint. The AirEthic inflatable boat, designed by French-based Zodiac Recreational, is a new semi-rigid boat best described as an assembly between a rigid composite hull and an inflatable boat. Launched in April 2012 and presented at the International Boat Show in Paris at the end of that year, the purpose of the new project is to reduce the environmental impact of the Bombard AirEthic. The new semi-rigid boat is a series-produced vessel and includes recyclable thermoplastic materials, bio-sourced materials, clean processes and an electric motor.