These features reduce pressure in the crotch and distribute body weight, allowing for a comfortable, ergonomic ride that’s a cross between running and biking. However, the bike does maintain the usual steering, hydraulic brakes and wheelbase. This unique design also opens up the possibility of use for rehabilitation exercise therapy or for those with limited leg movement, meaning happy travels for old and young alike.

Selling Point: Giving added boost to a daily commute

Karma42-webThe Karma42 is a new electric bike designed by ST Electric Cycle, based in Deerfield Beach, Fla. It utilizes cutting-edge advancements to create a ride specifically for the environmentally-conscious commuter. The Karma42 is a traditional bike that uses a 5-level motor, giving the rider power options and needed boosts along the way. Composite adoption cuts the weight, thus increasing the performance of the bicycle and increasing battery time, says the company.

Manufactured through hand lay-up and compression molding, the bike weighs roughly 42 pounds and utilizes a carbon fiber T-Angular tube design frame, which gives it an incredible strength-to-weight ratio compared to aluminum and steel frames. This also makes the Karma42 one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. Its monocoque design allows for increased performance, giving it a rigid frame that can more easily handle the dents, potholes or added weight of a rider, making it the perfect week and weekender ride. So pull out a map and pack up a picnic to explore the great outdoors!