Designs for military vessels need to be right the first time. UK-based multi-purpose composites marine craft manufacturer, CTruk, developed a vessel to fulfill numerous roles. CTruk’s Military and Security team established a Military Design Advisory Panel (MDAP) that coordinates the designs of each vessel to ensure it is fit for the task at hand. Made using advanced composite materials, the panel designed THOR (Twin Hulled Offshore Raider). Composites made this vessel strong and robust as well as reducing its overall weight, allowing it to be used for many different missions.

According to CTruk, using corrosion-resistant composite materials saves time on operational and maintenance routines and offers major cost savings in life-cycle maintenance.

“We have designed THOR to meet the changing needs of the global market for defense and security equipment,” says Andy White, CTruk’s chairman.

THOR can be used as a troop carrier, patrol vessel and as a force protection craft. Fitted with a remote weapons station and other crew service weapons, THOR is designed to incorporate tasks of an amphibious sea vessel – casual extractions, carrying and deploying landing force, patrolling and disaster relief.

Next month, CTruk will be unveiling THOR at the defense and security exhibition, DSEI, in London where it will perform daily waterborne displays.