Using the pultrusion process and a polyurethane resin system, Creative Pultrusions quickly produced 198 FRP pipe piles. “The pultrusion process is set up for mass production, and we were able to produce these piles in under a week,” says Troutman.

Each pile was 48 feet long, 12 inches wide and ½-inch thick and was fitted with a steel pointed driving head to help drive them into the ground while keeping soil out of the inside of the pile so it could later be filled with concrete. An ICE I-8v2 diesel hammer was used to install the pipes.

The service dock was completed on June 30 – just in time for the reopening. Thousands of visitors flocked to Liberty Island to celebrate Independence Day. Work continues on projects around the island, including repairs to the visitor ferry dock and elevation of mechanical and electrical systems to protect them from future storms. Creative Pultrusions is developing additional pipe piles for the second phase of the Statue of Liberty recovery, focused on the visitor docks.