The wind energy market is blossoming and wind turbines are becoming a main fixture of many landscapes across different countries as well as in the ocean. Emerging markets and innovative technologies go hand-in-hand and some companies are striving to find ways to make the process cheaper and more efficient. As the manufacturers of the revolutionary composite vertical wind turbine, ReVair Inc. is transforming the renewable clean energy market with their unique products by combining simple design concepts and optimized applications with economic benefits.

According to the company, this proprietary, new world technology is normally reserved for aerospace applications. It’s a magnetic levitation turbine that is extremely efficient in low winds.

The composite vertical wind turbine technology presents a solution for meeting renewable energy initiatives, goals and standards. The turbines are more efficient and lightweight, making it possible to generate decentralized electricity. Installing these turbines will reduce stress on the existing electrical grid and avoid the need for new and expensive electricity generating facilities.

The blades are designed to create lift in all quadrants. The composite materials used in the turbines are waterproof, durable and temperature resistant. These factors allow ReVair’s turbines to be more suitable for installations in the hazardous environments. ReVair is determined to change the way wind energy is processed by manufacturing low profile turbines while reducing installation and maintenance costs.


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