More than 170 individuals and 26 companies flocked to Galveston, Texas, for the 2013 Chemical Processing Symposium (CPS) held November 6-7. This two-day conference provided engineers, composites end-users, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors with the opportunity to participate in education and networking events.

Case studies by chemical companies, recent technical research, design and application insights as well as a broad range of composite solutions were all offered at CPS. Speakers from Albemarle Corporation, BASF, The Dow Chemical Company, ERCO Worldwide, Ashland, Owens Corning, Maverick Applied Science, RPS Composites, RL Industries and UTComp presented the education sessions. The networking events included the Composites and Chemical Processing Golf Tournament and an evening reception held in the company and product showcase hall where participants connected with exhibitors displaying some of today’s leading non-metallic corrosion solutions.

“This Symposium centers on examining why composites are particularly suitable for use in highly corrosive environments and how they can be key to designing better, stronger, more reliable chemical processing systems,” says ACMA President Tom Dobbins. “It also reflects ACMA’s commitment to offering targeted education programs across the expanding and ever-evolving composites industry.”

The day before CPS events began, ACMA’s Corrosion Control Division (CCD) held a meeting where members discussed upcoming projects. Topics such as preparing a briefing for the Congressional Composites Caucus and reaching out to engineering students via webinars and presentations delivered by chapters of engineering societies were the main focus. The committee also welcomed new CCD member company, Litek, and discussed the development of a new member resource web page.

View a list of the 2013 Chemical Processing Symposium sponsors, speakers, and participating organizations here.

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