OSHA has proposed to require companies to report workplace illness and injury data to the agency electronically, and to make establishment-specific data available on a publicly accessible website.

osha-form-301The proposed change to the agency’s recordkeeping regulation, published in the Nov. 8 Federal Register, would require establishments with more than 250 employees to make electronic submissions of the data every quarter, while establishments with more than 20 employees would make annual electronic submissions.

Currently, manufacturing establishments with more than 10 employees are required to use OSHA Form 301 to record workplace illnesses and injuries, Form 300 to keep a log of these health and safety incidents, and Form 300A to prepare an annual summary of incidents. With some exceptions, these forms and the data they contain are not reported to OSHA or made available outside of the establishment.

All data from Form 300A, everything from Form 300 except Column B (the employees’ names), and information recorded in items 10 through 18 on Form 301 would be made available on the website.

OSHA claims these changes to its recordkeeping requirements would make illness and injury information available to the agency much faster, allowing a timely response to emerging workplace safety issues. The greatly enhanced data available to OSHA would be used to target compliance assistance and enforcement programs. OSHA suggests establishment specific information in the database could be used by potential customers and job candidates, as well as by existing employees to compare an employer’s safety record with others in that industry.