This concept car is a technological spearhead. It combines a powerful 110 kilowatt electric engine with a V8 engine.

Together, they perform at 515 kilowatts – equivalent to 700 horsepower.

“In one body, you have a muscle car – and an efficient plug-in hybrid. We use lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, to help this car go more than 90 miles on a single gallon of gas. This is a bold step forward to carbon dioxide reduction.

As a synonym for the innovation power of Audi, this concept car has everything you may expect from automotive electronics and human-machine interface systems for safer and more convenient driving. Even more: this car would be able to come on stage in a piloted driving mode – thanks to the zFAS as the brain of the car.

The zFAS integrates the vehicle’s long range radar, its mid-range radar, its video camera and top view cameras, its laser scanner, data from the navigation system and other connected car technologies as well as ultra-sonic data from the front and sides of the car.” – Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg

This tells you about the tremendous technical complexity of the zFAS.

Hackenberg continues:

When you look at the Audi Sport quattro laserlight concept, you must admit it is a true eye-catcher. Its eyes combine LED headlamps with bright laser light. And because we knew this glance into the future has to compete with the lights of “The Strip” in Las Vegas – we made it even more stunning.