For many years, we have pioneered new lighting technologies. Just some months ago, we introduced Matrix LED headlamps in our Audi A8 sedan. It’s the most advanced lighting technology currently available for series production.

Matrix LEDs are designed for daylight quality. Our software is managing each LED individually and turns off any light that would dazzle oncoming drivers, bikers, or pedestrians.

Looking forward, Matrix LEDs will become available to even more Audi models and more countries including the US.

The future –and that’s what we talk about at CES- is in laser light. Laser light is even sharper, safer and more efficient. And that’s what you see here on stage and tomorrow at our booth.

These headlamps are three times stronger than LEDs. The light beam extends the length of five football fields! Later this year, Audi’s new 2014 Le Mans race car will feature laser light. And we will be the first car brand to put laser light into production.

At Audi, we invented the modular longitudinal matrix system. That sounds complex.

Actually, it is about reducing complexity and increasing flexibility. Very important when you want to successfully develop and manufacture cars. First, the matrix system allows for streamlined and efficient production. And second, it allows for flexibility when bringing the latest technologies to our cars.

Let me give you an example: When new electronics enter the market, we are able to upgrade the hardware and software of your Modular Infotainment system.

So it is easy to keep up with the latest infotainment and assistance services. In other words: When German engineering meets Silicon Valley, you get the kind of “user experience” only Audi can offer.