The hot topic for the composites industry is… 3-D printing! For a while now, companies have been showcasing the vast potential of 3-D printing with video tutorials, in-depth synopses and so on. In the spirit of the continual push of this new technology, Silicon Valley-based startup Arevo will offer 3-D printed carbon nanotube-reinforced filaments.

Carbon nanotubes can be used as an additive to boost an object’s strength and are made from rolled up sheets of carbon fiber. They are also conductive, meaning they can be used to print items that can conduct electricity. Arevo is also offering carbon fiber-reinforced filament, ultra-tough plastic PEEK and other polymers.

This year-old startup company is anything but amateur. With the help of its founder and CEO, Hemant Bheda – former CEO of plastics company Quantum Polymers – this team is continuing to make strides in this 3-D printing arena. They are proving that polymer and plastic materials that were once too difficult to work with can now receive a major boost with this innovative technology. 3-D printing seems to be captivating the entire composites industry and it will be exciting to see what’s in store for the future!