The May/June issue of Composites Manufacturing magazine features a marketing article – Meaningful Marketing Messages – that explains how composites companies can stand out in a crowded marketplace. In keeping with the theme of the article, we asked ACMA board members two business management questions: What is the best business management advice you ever received? What business management strategy have you successfully implemented at your company? The responses were very informative and refreshing.

We featured some their answers in the article but we could not fit them all. As an added bonus for our online audience, we’ve included the remaining answers from the board in this online exclusive.

Q: What is the best business management advice you ever received?

“The best management advice I have received is: Never be in a hurry to build a bad or defective part.” – Gary Beck, president at Global Composites, Inc.

“Get to know the personality styles and see your communications improve and teamwork soar. It takes a bit of work but it acts like a super catalyst to the organization.” – Dirk De Vuyst, president at International Marble Industries, Inc.

“The best management advice I have ever received is to listen – really listen. Only by fully listening to your customers or your employees do you really understand the reality of a situation. And only when you truly understand a situation can you properly respond with the right approach to an opportunity, a concern, or a risk.” – Kimberly Howard, vice president and managing director, Glass Reinforcements, Americas at Owens Corning

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? There are more important things than money.” – Tim Price, vice president at The R J Marshall Company

“Remember who you are – we are the high touch supplier offering the best product and service. We cannot “out-do” the competition by trying to be the low cost supplier.” – Robby Dunnagan, president at BGF Industries Inc.

“If you are not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.” – Randy Weghorst, chairman emeritus at AOC

Q: What successful business management strategy have you implemented at your company and how did it benefit your company?

“The best business management tool that we recently incorporated is an alignment matrix. We have a strong team of very committed people. Recognizing that everyone is working hard every day, it becomes important that we are all ‘pulling the cart in the same direction.’ Our management tool lines up the organizational goals with department goals and individual goals (performance measures). We want to make sure that individual and department goals don’t stand alone but are aligned with the goals of the organization. This drives collaboration and avoids time wasted doing things that tend to be unsupported. It is a continual process that requires patience, awareness and dialogue.” – Kevin McDonald, vice president at PPG Fiber Glass