As a leading grating manufacturer, how does this standard help your company?

D’Souza: With the standard leading access to wider and newer markets, we foresee an eventual increase in new business for our company. The standard also eliminates the subjectivity that exists in current specifications, thus making it easier and faster for our company to execute projects.

Bond: The standard increases the awareness of FRP grating and its suitability in a wide range of markets beyond wastewater treatment plants, water parks and chemical plants. The availability and ease of installation detailed in the standard should improve the reception by design engineers, contractors, code officials and owners.

The FGMC recently established booth space at the AIA Composites Pavilion: How important will that booth be for the committee and for the industry?

Bond: I believe the presence of the Composites Pavilion within the AIA Convention is an incredible opportunity for FGMC. We could not have asked for a better platform for the announcement of the completion of the Fiberglass Grating Manual. The pavilion will attract composite material designers, fabricators and suppliers to a centralized location and expose fiberglass gratings to attendees that may not be familiar with composites. This audience is essential to the acceptance of composites as a traditional building material.